Monday, October 20, 2014


Deciding between studying and working is hard. To be honest I really want to study but I want to work just as bad.

I was looking so hard for a solutions until I remembered edX and it was my solution to studying. If you're not a disciplined person when it comes to studying, it might be hard for you to take up any edX classes. I like to study at my own pace so it isn't a problem for me haha.

I've always asked myself which is more important




I suppose both are just as important as each other but these days I realize that a lot of people graduate but never really find job. Or rather after spending 3-5 years in college, we leave and want a high paying job. I mean we spent 5 years studying and sometimes specializing in a certain skill set so why can we get a high pay?

I understand that feeling but then I've always believe that I should start from the bottom because when you work, it's a totally different world.

In classes it's according to textbook but when it comes to work it's pretty hard, there may be written instructions but sometimes it's not exactly as it says and things change here and there.

And guess what? Studying never ends, when you get to work you'll have to study too and you'll learn new things haha.

Tomorrow is my off day~ yay~

Hopefully I'll wake up early enough to post things and edit pictures... my backlog is amazingly long right now :'D

I hope you all have a good day!! (or night!!)


(excuse the mess bunch of fabrics and wires... I'm just not a very organized person QwQ)

Monday, September 8, 2014

AniRe: Barakamon

OH FINALLY!! Computer fixed~
(The image does not belong to me~) 
(Handa and Naru) 

I really like this anime ahaha and it's been a long time since I've watched anything and this is a great series to start out with if you're beginning to get into anime again. Barakamon is about calligraphy one of the most well known arts in Japan and China and is highly regarded occupation in Asia~ Only masters can write such beautiful characters!!

So a well known calligrapher, Seishu Handa moves to Goto Islands, a remote island in Japan. The reason: He punched a old curator who criticize his work as 'boring' and 'unoriginal' and as a sort of 'cool down' his farther had asked him to move to the islands and relax a little.

The insane humor on this series is pretty heartwarming as well. Due to being a city boy, Handa doesn't know much about the simple country life and how backwards it can get sometimes i.e. he doesn't know how to use a turn dial phone and is afraid of touching insects.

When he first moved it he was pretty cold and annoyed at Naru (who had scared him on their first meeting) and how everyone seemed to treat his home like their own but he soon realizes that it's not all that bad living in the country with the warmth he's immersed in.

As the series moves on you'll see more new characters and how Handa-sensei grows not only as a calligrapher but as well as man. He learns to care for others -mainly the kids that pester him- and how to have fun. He gets inspired and cultivates his own style of calligraphy instead of sticking to the fundamentals.

All in all it's a warm anime with cute kids. Watching this on a sad day will definitely cheer you up!!
As this is this Summer Season's anime, it's not complete and is still on-going (the manga is the same, but it's worth reading)

I hope you'll pick up the cheer from this anime~

Naito Ryuu

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Short Update

So sorry for not posting earlier but my laptop f-ed up and now it's still f-ed even though I got it back from the repair shop.
Actually now it's the charger which is f-ed up so I'm so tired.
I want to actually use my laptop and now it's friggin impossible.
Thanks so fucking much Asus
Thank you so much.

Nothing has been going on this month really but the past month I've

  • Quit my job
  • Helped a friend with makeup on the mini runway
  • Went for an interview at Sephora (probably wasn't shortlisted :( )
  • Decided to start studying again
So yeah this is bassically the on goings of my boring ass life and now I'm super angry.
Pardon my french guys

-Naito Ryuu-