Tuesday, January 13, 2015


And here we go!!

Sephora recently upgraded me to a Black Card and thus I have a 10% discount on everything except certain items which are already on promotion.

I only got three items and one of them is a sponge so really it's actually two items lol.

Look at the pretty packaging!! It's simple yet so elegant.

There are mattes and shimmers and the pigments are lovely.

No lie.

Seriously it's really thick lol. 

There are a multitude of looks you can do with Smashbox's On The Rocks. I'm currently in love with Coronation, Nutmeg and Sapphires<3

So my next grab is a lip pouch by Sephora, it contains 2 lipglosses and 2 lip butters!!!


Tarte's gloss in the shade of Blissful, Sephora's Rouge Infusion in number 10 (Red Essence), Nyx's lip butters in BLS10 Hot Tamale (left), BLS21 Fizzies (right).

Here are the colour swatches. I have to say I really like Sephora's Rouge Infusion <3
I'll leave you at that!!

Naito Ryuu


This make-up haul is actually from Bangkok, Thailand!!!
Last year's shopping haha
I'm totally going to ignore all the jewelry and outfits I spent on and show you the makeup I bought instead (>w<)

I've been waiting to get my dirty hands on this lovely brand. I really love the concept of Illamasqua!! 
'Makeup for your alter-ego'
and as you can see I went a little bit gaga haha

The palettes have obviously been used so ahaha excuse the mess.
I've did only slight editing, adjusting colour levels so that the colours are exactly like the ones in the real palettes.

This is currently one of my favourite eyebrow cakes, my second is from Bobbi Brown heehee. This is in the shade of Thunder~

Have I ever told you I love purple? I really do. This is a mauve called Forgiveness (don't you just love the names?) And it's really nice and light and great for day use. Pair it with a dark shadow, maybe a black or dark brow and you'll get a lovely smokey eye <3

BLUSHERSSSSSSSS. On the left (pink) is Tweak and the right is Disobey. They are seriously pigmented. The first time I put Tweak on without tapping my brush made me look like some crazy child who didn't know how to use makeup. I use Disobey to contour and do shading. The colour is light enough on my skin to look natural but dark enough to give my face a shape... does that even make sense?

Last but not least is the Reflection Palette and the Sculpting Powder Duo.

Colours (clockwise, starting top left): Precipice, Acute, Graphica, Dart

They are not powder eyeshadows, in fact they are cream shadows with a silky soft texture. The colours are super pigmented and WATERPROOF.

Yes, this lovely palette enables you to go swimming with your makeup on :D

The Sculpting Powder Duo is a contouring palette (if the name didn't already give you a hint haha) the top is a illuminator, Lumos and the bottom is Heliopolis and is a very light shading colour. Very natural on fair skin :3

The texture is smooth and silky as all their powder products are.

It's one of my faves now.

Have any of you used Illamasqua? If you have which is your favourite product?

Naito Ryuu

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


A lot of time has passed since I've posted anything.
I've been working and running about, spending money and basically getting super tired haha

December was really hectic, my work is really hectic lol

But hey it's a new year!!

I hope it's for the best

I think my resolution is to make more time to post on my blog lol

Feel free to follow me on insta @naitoryuu!! I'm updating there, at least once a week haha.

Naito Ryuu